Wood is a natural product. Each piece of wood is unique, therefore there will be variations in colour, quantity of knots and shade.



Grain is a variation of straight grain and medullary rays on boards. Colour fairly uniform. Flat Sawn. No sap allowed. Occasional healthy pin knots up to max 10mm. No cracks allowed.



Grain is straight with natural grain variation allowed. Flat
Sawn. No sap allowed. Healthy sound knots allowed up to 45mm. Black knots allowed up to 20mm. No cracks allowed.



Grain can be straight and wavy. Natural colour variations. Flat Sawn. Kissing sap allowance 1-10%. Sound, healthy knots up to 60-70mm. Knots filled, all knots are small and not open. Black knots up to 30mm. End cracks allowed up to 10cm. Kissing Heart allowed.


It takes more than a few saved Pinterest images to design your dream home.

We’ve created the Wood Connexions Interior Design tool make the whole process a lot easier.

From the very beginning you can either upload a picture of your own living space or choose one of our images. Once you’ve uploaded the image you then simply select one of our flooring products and see how amazing it looks.

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